Wendy's 31st Birthday


Monday, January 12, 2009

Wendy’s 31st! Karen will be releasing balloons from Valley Village. Gene and Beth will release balloons from Hillgreen in Dallas, as Gene just had ACL surgery and won't be able to walk to Cox Cemetery. But all are welcome to come to the house and help us release the balloons around 6:30 PM. Soup will be served. We thank all of you for remembering our Wendy. Send her a balloon from wherever you are!

Message from Vanessa:

Happy Birthday to Wendy!

I was thinking of her today...and so glad the website is up so I can send a message...

I remember us girls gave a surprise party for Wendy on her birthday in highschool, but I had to stop at my house first. And my Dad saw Wendy and said, "So, was it a surprise?!" as I tried to distract. I cant remember if the surprise was ruined or not, but it didnt take away the fun of the night...Wendy was the most giving, loving, unique, open-hearted person...We all miss her. Love to Wendy on your birthday!


Just want to let everyone know that we are starting work on a FaceBook page for Wendy. Please let us know if you have anything to contribute.  

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