Updated  Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Beth and Karen made presentations at a Benefit Rally for Victims of Violent Crime in Valencia, CA on June 7. Click here to read the speeches

To all:  We will celebrate Wendy’s Birthday on Sunday, January 12th, with the release of balloons.  As we have the past 2 years, we will walk the short distance from our house to the cemetery and release them there with all our thoughts, hopes, tears and most of all – love!  Release a balloon for anyone special you wish to remember.   If you are anywhere near our home and wish to join us, please do.  We will probably order some pizza or something afterwards.  If you wish, please release a balloon for Wendy wherever you are!  We will also send balloons skyward in love and memory of her dear cousin, Debbie who also was born on January 12th.


For those who can come to our house, come about 5:30 PM and we will walk up for a release at 6 PM. 


Karen, Beth and Gene


The Cox cemetery addition has been purchased and the wrought iron fence is completed around the cemetery, including the addition

Dedications to Wendy

Karen ran in the Olympic Torch Relay January 18, 2002 at 7PM in downtown San Francisco in honor of Wendy.  Click here to go to Karen's website and find out more.  Click here to see some of the photos.

Karen's play, The Ultimate Milkshake, dedicated to Wendy, completed its opening run May 19, 2001.  Click here for synopsis and reviews.

Karen's short film, The Adventures of Avalon, dedicated to Wendy, is currently in post production.  Click here for a synopsis.

Wendy Art Show at Occidental College

The art show has been put into storage.  We are looking for a small gallery space to house the exhibit in Dallas for a few months.

Gravesite Visitation

Friends who wish to visit the gravesite, located at a private cemetery in Dallas, should call or email the Soltero's for directions and access times.  Many thanks to the neighbors and cemetery association members who contributed almost $40,000 to build a new wrought iron fence around the 2.5-acre, 153-yr old cemetery.


Birthday Celebration January 12, 2002

We will honor  the birthday of Wendy and her dear cousin, Debbie (who died from an auto accident in 1999), this Saturday with a release of balloons at 5PM Dallas (Central) time from the gravesite in Cox Cemetery.  Anyone in Dallas that would like to join us at our house around 4:30 PM and then walk with us to Wendy's site, we welcome you!  We will have soup and sandwiches afterwards back at our home.  We promise to order the balloons in a more timely fashion this year so those arriving early do not have to help inflate the balloons from a helium tank!!!  For those of you who are not in Dallas,  release balloons wherever you are and help us honor and remember these two wonderful young women taken far too early!  If you have a minute, post a note on the Wendy's message board telling all of us about your release.